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Red Hott 

The Crue 

Todd Semple as Nikki Sixx - Bass

    In the beginning, I bought Motley Crue’s First album
     Too Fast for Love 

      I Was into them right from the start. The music, the look, and attitude. That Same year (1981) , I bought my first bass guitar. Back then it was all about playing in 80s cover bands.

      I played in many of those 80's cover bands, we covered Ratt, Cinderella, Motley Crue, Judas Priest, and so much more. It was the hey day of the 80s hair bands! After year’s of playing in other people’s band’s I decided to start my own band called Straight Jacket Coma, we where a very popular cover band around our area.

      In 2012 after playing for a number of year’s in Straight Jacket Coma - 
I started a band called Devil’s Deck. Also a very popular band around the area. Opened for many big national act’s such as Faster Pussy Cat, Jackyl, also was on the bill with Ted Nugent, and many other National band’s.In 2018 , after a number of year’s in Devil’s Deck I decided to end the band so I could start my life long dream band: Red Hott Motley Crue Tribute. 

     Beside’s lovin to play Motley Crue's music,  I also liked the chance to put the costume and makeup on to portray the look and attitude of one of my Favorite bassist NikkI SIXX!  I just needed to find the right member’s to complete the lineup including our two female backup singer’s/dancer’s. We did and have been performing and playing show’s as Red Hott Motley Crue Tribute now going on three year’s.

     The response has been great, and it's great be in a successful Motley Crue Tribute band ! We played the Iowa State Fair in 2021and have played some of the newest and largest Amphitheater’s and venue’s in the Iowa and the surrounding area. We have a solid Tribute band with great member’s! We are all looking forward to many more big show’s and event’s in the future.

Chris as Vince Neil - Vocals

    Lead Singer Chris has been a Motley Crue Fan since the very early days - so much so  - He convinced the band to play the entire Motley Crue "Shout at the Devil"  album for a Halloween Party Gig in 2019. Chris knows a lot of Motley Crue deep cuts, B-sides and songs Motley Crue covered. 

   Chris began Singing in bands in 1998 and over the years he has gained a lot of experience as the front man in various cover bands and tribute Bands.  He been lead vocals for Seven Hells, Standing Damaged, Carnival of Souls, Sabotage, BIG/BALLS, Ozzmosis, and  RIFF/RAFF, to name a few.  


The Reason Chris wanted to do Red Hott Motley Crue Tribute?
" I get to sing songs I never thought I’d have a chance to,  and they are my favorite band to come from the 80’s ! "

Tomi Bronski as Mick Mars - Guitar

    Originally from Illinois,  Tomi has been playing guitar in cover and original bands for in the midwest for many years, and Motley Crue has always been one of his favorites.
    Tomi has worked with many notable musicians and remains a dedicated student of his favorite music influences - of course this includes the music of Motley Crue.  


    Tomi has played with the bands Cruciful, Driving Blind, Richard Danger, Shyster, Grudge and others. Tomi also attended Via Academy so he could pick up some insight from Steve Via and friends. 

Bazzell Latchney as Tommy Lee - Drums


  I have been playing drums my whole life. Played drum set and snare drum throughout high school. I was even in Jazz Band for a couple years.  I have continued down that path,  improving my art and skills.

I have always wanted to play and “be” Tommy Lee. Because of Tommy Lee I have learned how to put on a show. Red Hott has let me live out my dream of being a part of Mötley Crüe and it is one of the best experiences I have had with a band. The only thing I’m missing is the drum cage ! 

Elizabeth - Backing Vocalist
The Bad Habits  

  ..Every single guy I ever dated loved Motley Crue. 

So I was getting lots of practice with lyrics my whole life. lol 🤣

Shannon - Backing Vocalist  
The Bad Habits 


Motley Crue has been my favorite for years! Becoming a back up singer/dancer is a dream come true - So here I am!  

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